Tomorrow, we head south of the equator! I am excited, nervous, anxious….and and on…

I packed and repacked about 6 times in the past 7 days. I printed our itinerary, tickets for planes, train, tours, maps of both Lima and Cusco, menu translation guides, stocked up on every medication (rx and OTC) I could think of, and packed everything but the kitchen sink!

My camera is charged with 2 huge empty memory cards waiting to be filled with breath taking sights 🙂

I packed shoes of every variety in hope of keeping my angry heel at bay.

For the long flight, I have books, magazines, movies, knitting, and Xanax 🙂

Now, attempt sleep. HA!

Well, I will see you when I return with 2 more stamps in the passport (one for Peru and one for Machu Picchu!)


There ain’t no bugs on me!


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The count down to Peru is on! Several people warned me (and one showed me her wounds) about the bugs. My first thought…Skin So Soft always kept the bugs off of us as kids.  Avon now has bug repellent with sunscreen! Genius! Did I mention the lovely Skin So Soft scent? Traveling to the equator to a biting-bug area…I can’t think of a better product!!
The plan will be lather on the Bug Guard Plus lotion with SPF 30 before heading out and use the towelettes on shoes, clothing, and skin if needed. Yes, I am the queen of preparedness!
Great for kids too! Why fight with a separate sunscreen and then a bug spray? Keep it simple parents!

Looking for a great AVON SALE? Click HERE.

The heavenly smells of AUTUMN


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This weekend only! All fall scents – including fragrance, body wash, lotion, and candles, are BUY ONE – GET ONE FREE!

Might I recommend the Vanilla Buttercream candle (calorie-free way to make the house smell delectable!) or Holiday Spice candle to get your home holiday cozy!


Treat the man in your life (or yourself, of course) to a great smelling 2 in 1 body wash. I got my hubby hooked! Update your fragrances with a scent of rich jasmine petals and stunning magnolia touched with radiant amberwoods with Avon Femme Eau de Parfum Spray.


Click HERE to visit all the BOGO deals!! And remember, FREE shipping on your $40 or more order…so stock up!

Happy Shopping 🙂

Still going…and going…


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Well, I am on Day…..honestly I have no idea. Things are going ok. Once again, watching the hubs eat pretzels, popcorn, bread, Crystal Light, etc is KILLING ME! I need to remember to only do Whole 30 when he is traveling! We are 2 weeks into the football season and I haven’t had a drop of booze…despite my team’s pathetic showings (oh, Bears, how I love you and hate Cutler). Inches are slowly coming off. My tummy is much less puffy and I feel so much better. I made a batch of bone broth that I am using to make egg drop soup for dinner tonight 🙂 Filled the freezer with veggies; I swear my fridge veggie crisper is where good food goes to die. I think it is the out of sight out of mind thing. I forget what is in there until it is too late to save it!

I have been busy with work and starting up my AVON business. My foot (plantar fasciitis) has been especially bad. Bad enough I am seeking out yet another doctor to see what we can do to get me through my upcoming Peru trip and then deal with any surgery when we get back. Not much else to report here!

2 sleeps till I get another year older and maybe a bit wiser! Birthday celebration without cake…hmmmm…could be worse!

My new endeavor!



I am excited to announce I am your new Avon Independent Sales Representative (yup, an Avon Lady!)!

I have been looking for ways to earn extra cash that years down the road would allow me to travel with my husband more and stay busy during retirement (planning ahead, way ahead).


I remember growing up our Avon Lady coming t o the house with all sorts of goodies and catalogs that my sister and I would go through. We would pick out lip balms, make-up bubble bath, you name it! Every Christmas something in our stocking was AVON and we LOVED it! The scent of Skin So Soft brings back memories of running around the neighborhood smelling great while NOT getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Just last month while in Wisconsin we went to a diner for lunch and by the register was a basket of AVON products for sale. Before I even ordered my meal I had a pile of products ready for purchase – first thing I grabbed was the Skin So Soft body wash – LOVE! I also picked up the dreamy foot cream in Lavender, Dew Kiss lip balm, and Sweet Honesty Shimmery body powder. Oh how the scents bring me back to my childhood!

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Avon not only has great beauty products, but also has fashion and home decor! Really cute and classy decor and candles for the upcoming holidays.

Why did I choose AVON? Besides the fond memories, it is Avon’s dedication to women.  AVON supports Breast Cancer Research (breast health outreach program) through fund raising and walks around the country. Since 1992, the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade has been working tirelessly to help prevent, treat, and ultimately eradicate this disease. With more than $815 million raised and donated to breast cancer programs around the world through 2013, Avon is the leading corporate supporter of the cause globally. The Crusade’s life-saving work supports awareness and education, screening and diagnosis, access to care, support services, and scientific research.

Another community program AVON feels strongly about is ending domestic violence. To help bring this issue out of the shadows, in 2004 the Avon Foundation for Women launched Speak Out Against Domestic Violence, an initiative to build awareness, educate, and improve prevention and direct service programs. Through the end of 2014, in the U.S. alone, we have contributed nearly $40 million for the domestic violence cause.

So, I hope you are as excited about my new business as I am! Please peruse my online store for great deals, free shipping, and amazing product for skin, hair, body, fashion, and home!!

I look forward to your order and being your AVON lady 🙂

Sunday Dinner

Yes, I cook almost nightly, but Sunday dinner holds a special place in my dinner line-up. It is the start of a crazy work week. The calm before the storm. We dine without the TV on (that is actually a house rule every meal) at the dining table. We talk about our weekend together and what we have upcoming this week.

This Sunday I made a new dish – Venison/Bison Meatloaf, wrapped in bacon, and smothered in a smokey chipotle red sauce. It was the perfect ending to a very perfect weekend of family time. I purchased the ground venison and (paleo-approved) bacon from Sprouts Farmers Market. The sauce I made up as I went – starting with simmering tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, diced dates (for added sweetness), chili powder, garlic, onion, Mrs. Dash Chipotle seasoning, smoked Spanish paprika, salt and pepper. I simmered it on the store top for about 20 minutes, then used my immersion blender to puree into a smooth sauce.

It was so delicious!! After a sad excuse for a football game…Cutler needs to go away (far away!) and a belly full of smokey bacon covered venison and bison, this gal is going to catch up on knitting and hit the hay early 🙂

Have a wonderful week!!

Sunday meatloaf


meatloaf dinner