The Red-Headed-Punkin-Butt


Yup, that’s the loving name bestowed upon me by my betrothed. He even sings a lovely song about it.

My name is Jennifer. I am a natural, since birth, red head. Originally from a city outside of Chicago, I now live in the desert with my husband (Shannon), 2 Queensland heelers, 4 cats, and a part-time chinchilla (Mon-Fri he lives at my office).


I have been a certified veterinary technician for over 16 years – I have worn many hats within the vet field. Most recently, I went into the corporate world working for a major pet retailer.  About 2 years ago, I stepped away from the animal world and worked at a high-end fashion retailer while I went back to school to finish my bachelor’s degree in business. Fashion retail taught me a lot about customer service and solidified my thought of returning to the vet field in another capacity.

I am passionate about animals, cooking, travel, living a whole and healthy lifestyle. My newest endeavor was learning how my body, mind, and soul could be healed by FOOD! Reading labels and articles about how certain foods cause reactions in our bodies made me re-think my cooking, shopping, and medications I had been taking.

I do not want to be put in a ‘blogger box’ as a cooking blog, travel blog, product review blog, crazy red-head blog. I want to just write about what I am feeling, what I am trying, where I am going and share with those who care to read it. I relax by camping, fishing, knitting, reading, and sitting by a pool (or beach!) with a cocktail.

Yes, there will be food, and adventures, and some product reviews as well. If / when I do a product review I will disclose if I was given free product or if I was paid. Please know when reviewing anything my words will be genuine and authentic regardless of free samples or compensation. I will write about the good. I will write about the bad. I will be open to new things that do not compromise my beliefs.

If you area business owner and interested in partnering, please email me at medervogel@gmail.com


2014-07-18 Macio Tea Macio


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’m one of Liz Kearn’s clients/friends…she told me about your Whole30 journey and gave me the link to your blog. I can wait to start reading! 🙂


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