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A couple weeks ago I met a few friends for Sunday brunch. We sat on the patio drinking champagne, laughing, and the rain began. We watched as patrons scurried inside to get cover from the rain. We looked around and noticed we had been seated under the only tree that provided protection from the rain. It was one of those moments that makes you stop and think say, ‘huh’.


We continued drinking our bubbles, trading stories, laughing, just loving the weather and people we were surrounded by. The rain continued. There was something magical in the air. It was a feeling that cannot be put into even the most eloquent of words. I would not have changed a thing about the weather or that afternoon. It was perfect.

I have not stopped thinking about that afternoon. The patio. The smiles. The sound of the rain. The warmth of great friends. The bubbles, oh the bubbles! I have been hooked on champagne, bubbles, ever since. The other night at our favorite wine bar I ordered champagne and the waitress asked what I was celebrating. My response was, “the people I am with”. Isn’t that the greatest celebration of all? Having people in your life that are genuine, kind, and care about you, care about how your day was is something that should be celebrated every day!

Every now and again I will get that fog of sadness or loneliness that starts to creep in slow and steady. On days when it feels the rain is coming down all around me, I will remember  this storm will pass. There is a tree to shelter me. Friends to hold me. And bubbles may be just the reminder I need that all will be fine. In time, even perfect. Whenever I am amidst a storm, I will reflect on the wonderful people I have in my life and drink my champagne in the rain.

eb7a9d9d39add19a22fd4d46fce51b81Much Love,