Tomorrow, we head south of the equator! I am excited, nervous, anxious….and and on…

I packed and repacked about 6 times in the past 7 days. I printed our itinerary, tickets for planes, train, tours, maps of both Lima and Cusco, menu translation guides, stocked up on every medication (rx and OTC) I could think of, and packed everything but the kitchen sink!

My camera is charged with 2 huge empty memory cards waiting to be filled with breath taking sights 🙂

I packed shoes of every variety in hope of keeping my angry heel at bay.

For the long flight, I have books, magazines, movies, knitting, and Xanax 🙂

Now, attempt sleep. HA!

Well, I will see you when I return with 2 more stamps in the passport (one for Peru and one for Machu Picchu!)