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Well, I am on Day…..honestly I have no idea. Things are going ok. Once again, watching the hubs eat pretzels, popcorn, bread, Crystal Light, etc is KILLING ME! I need to remember to only do Whole 30 when he is traveling! We are 2 weeks into the football season and I haven’t had a drop of booze…despite my team’s pathetic showings (oh, Bears, how I love you and hate Cutler). Inches are slowly coming off. My tummy is much less puffy and I feel so much better. I made a batch of bone broth that I am using to make egg drop soup for dinner tonight 🙂 Filled the freezer with veggies; I swear my fridge veggie crisper is where good food goes to die. I think it is the out of sight out of mind thing. I forget what is in there until it is too late to save it!

I have been busy with work and starting up my AVON business. My foot (plantar fasciitis) has been especially bad. Bad enough I am seeking out yet another doctor to see what we can do to get me through my upcoming Peru trip and then deal with any surgery when we get back. Not much else to report here!

2 sleeps till I get another year older and maybe a bit wiser! Birthday celebration without cake…hmmmm…could be worse!