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For most vacays I start my preparation by making lists… list after list of what I need to buy, need to pack, need to do before we leave. Never has ‘get body and mind in the best health’ ever made a list.

Traveling all the way to Peru to experience the food, culture, music, Inca ruins, shopping, etc is a HUGE adventure for my husband and me. Outside of Mexico, Canada, and Jamaica, my passport is bare. I cannot risk getting sick, feeling crappy, not sleeping when going to, what may be, a once in a lifetime place.

A year ago, I discovered Whole 30 and have never been the same. Yes, I falter and go back to bad habits. I mean who doesn’t love wine, ice cream, cheese, pizza, oh and bloody marys!!?? I always know why I feel crappy, can’t sleep, breakout, get moody, and so on. The best thing I can do to prepare for our trip (other than get crazy vaccines!) is get my mind, body, especially immune system in check before we go. Monday I began another Whole30. No cheats, no excuses. This is GO time people!! A bonus is the bloating disappearing, inches and pounds lost…that is not my focus or reason doing this. This is about being able to experience another land to its fullest by feeling amazing 🙂

I may succumb to altitude sickness or God forbid travelers diarrhea (please, Dear Lord, NO!), but I will not feel any side-effects of a poor lifestyle leading up to the trip. I will indulge in the Peruvian cuisine (super excited for our culinary tour!). I will try their signature Pisco Sour cocktail. I will eat ceviche. I will not eat cuy. I may feel a bit blah after a meal with my triggers such as gluten and sugar. In moderation and with hydration, I think I can have the best of Lima and Cuzco and still feel ok.

So, here I go again! Eating clean, healthy, nutrient dense food, minimizing artificial light at night (love my orange glasses!), getting 8+ hours of sleep a night, practicing yoga for my mind and soul, and remembering all the things I am grateful for! It’s a wonder I ever stop being Whole30!!