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Since finishing my 2nd Whole30 I have been living Paleo except a few meals and some cocktails. I had a grand idea of ‘needing’ a cheeseburger Saturday morning and proceeded to spend the rest of the day in the restroom…YUK!!!


My husband and I joined a new health club (sorry if I mentioned this already), the Village at Ocotillo. This is not your average health club or gym. I have attended the best yoga classes and dined on the healthiest and flavorful food! There is something about waking up on a weekend, heading to a yoga class, sitting in the eucalyptus scent steam room, lounging by the pool (with a cold beer or glass of wine if you fancy!), and dining on blackened salmon over greens with grilled lemons. Who would have thought I looked forward to spending several hours at the health club every weekend?!

We have been busy planning our anniversary trip to Peru in October and most recently a Rocky Point getaway for my husband’s birthday. For Peru, we are booked for Lima and Cusco with a day at Machu Picchu 🙂 I also found an intriguing culinary tour that includes making your ceviche and Pisco Sour cocktail. I have a shopping list a mile long for the trip and am knitting a warm poncho for cool nights along the water. If any readers have been and want to offer tips, much appreciated!

The poncho in progress

The poncho in progress

For Mexico, we are staying at out beloved Bella Sirena on Sandy Beach in Puerto Penasco. I am looking forward to a long weekend listening to ocean waves and the bartender  blending up my coco-colada (so different that a pina colada, but I don’t know why) all whilst wearing the new swim suit the hubby bought for me. The new suit is why for the next 2 weeks it is NO booze or crap food  (I am eating grilled chicken and spinach as I type). Once we cross the border, all bets are off! There will copious plates of tacos, shrimp, and booze consumed. I will come home happy and in need of another Whole30!

Form a previous trip...could I look any happier!?

Form a previous trip…could I look any happier!?

Other than knitting, learning spanish, reading, trip planning, working out, fostering 2 adorable kittens for a local rescue, cooking, and working…I am not up to much! Have a great week folks!