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So, I finished my Whole30 a week ago.  Towards the end, I struggled with food boredom, but I powered through. Since finishing, I decided to try some foods to see how I felt. I originally was going to keep going until our vacay July 4th, but the vacation had to be cancelled due to my pet-sitter cancelling 😦 So, I decided to due some reintroduction. I had bread – BAD NEWS! Beer – BLOATED! Cheese – not so bad. I was like a zeppelin needing to be popped! The main thing I noticed, is when I ate off plan or not Paleo, I felt very bloated and over full.

I have since been Whole30 complaint for the last couple days and feel great again 🙂 I know I cannot and will not live Whole30 the rest of my life, but I do know I will think long and hard before I put something in my mouth. I am enjoying salads again and still making my dressing. I think I will always make salad dressing, mayo, and dips Whole30 compliant. Not because I have to, but because they honestly taste better!

My results this round was not as dramatic as the first, but I definitely can see a difference….so can my husband. It helps that the hubby travels in that he can tell a difference in my skin and body after a couple weeks away. Just the other night a friend complimented my skin J I am a believer that skin is a great tell-tale sign of inner health.

I am in love with the new health club, the Village at Ocotillo, my husband and I joined. They have great classes, basketball court, racquetball and tennis courts, top notch equipment, a spa, fully-loaded locker rooms,  delicious food (only wish there was more Paleo options), 2 pools, a splash pad…I could go on and on about the place! I love the different yoga classes the best so far. I took a heated yoga stretch class. You get into a pose and hold it for 3-5 minutes. YES, 3-5 MINUTES!! I was sure my insides were melting. After, I felt really crummy and though I might lose my breakfast. No more hot yoga for this gal! I never thought I could spend all day at the gym, until I went here! After a good work-out, my husband an I grab a book and head to the pool to cool down and unwind. I am tempted to hide in a locker at night and live there!