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I am no longer keeping track of what day I am on this round. The goal is to just keep going until our camping trip July 4th weekend. I feel I am over the hump of crappy mornings, tired/restless nights, and crankiness. Here on out, it is every day is a new day for my healthy and happy life!

As I type, I am indulging in an amazingly rich and easy dinner: Brussel Sprouts roasted with prosciutto (you know I am an addict!) and chicken with ghee and a mix of herbs from my garden. Simple, clean, and tasty!!


Last night, I had dinner with a Whole 30 partner. She is on round 2 just like me 🙂  We went to a Greek Cafe where I had tender, flavorful, not “gamey tasting” lamb skewers and veggies. My gal pal went with beef and shrimp skewers and veggies. The staff was flexible with our dietary needs 🙂 This is the amazing gal who introduced me to this life changing plan. It was so nice to share stories of our struggles and triumphs. We shared recipes, our favorites treats, the hard times, the ‘tiger blood’ times, and I got her to order the crazy orange night glasses! Yes, I am wearing them right now 🙂 It was encouraging to talk freely about all the things we have learned along this journey. It was my first time out one-on-one with this strong, illuminating, beautiful inside and out, woman. I look forward to our next meeting.

Tomorrow is another foot injection – well, both feet this time. Looking forward to my 30 minute drug induced nap! That’s all for now folks! Cross your fingers my feet injections go smoothly and I don’t have a flare up post-op!!