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allergies  - isolated word in vintage wood letterpress printing blocks

For those of you who think you should move to the desert for the clean air, good Lord, think again! The air in AZ is awful at best. A brown layer looms over us every day. That is why I get so over-the-moon excited when it rains! The rain is the one chance for us to breathe ‘clean air’. We can thank the folks that have transplanted their native grasses, flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. for the diverse pollen production now home here in the desert.

Well, it is cactus flowering season according to my sinuses and throbbing headache. I made an emergency run to the pharmacy to grab an antihistamine at lunch. Oh, how I wish I had my Neti Pot handy! Just as the anti-histamine loosened the vice on my sinuses, a lovely stress headache took hold. Nothing like a Monday, on a Tuesday! Three day weekends are supposed to be a blessing, right? WRONG! It makes for a nightmare the day back. The trials of today dulled the memory of a long and relaxing weekend.

I caved and had to take something for the pain. I decided not to cook dinner. To hell with it. I heated up bone broth, grabbed some kale chips, and filled a glass with coconut water. Yup, my pathetic, yet compliant dinner 🙂

Ok, enough negative Nancy for now! I am hoping to hit the hay by 7pm…yes, I am livin’ the dream over here 😉 Goodnight ya’ll!