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I am starting yet another Whole 30 today. I was over the moon excited to hear my gal pal that introduced me to this, is starting today as well!

I am better prepared than the last time I tried another round. I am stocked with good snacks and am not at home (pet-sitting at another person’s house gives me a better sense of control for some odd reason). This means my pantry at home filled with ‘naughty foods’ is not accessible 🙂 Then in a couple weeks, when my pet-sitting ends, my husband is out of town again – which again makes it easier for me to focus on me and not make foods I am not longer consuming.

I have had an ‘excuse’ for all of my recent slip-ups. No more! No crap food, no bread, cheese, dairy, soy, BOOZE, grains, legumes, sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives…NONE OF IT! The goal is to “Whole 30 it” until our camping trip July 2nd. By then, I should have a good grasp on my food habits again and be able to succeed camping – maybe not Whole 30, but at least Paleo the whole time with the exception of a cocktail 🙂

I am very limited as to my exercise routine currently due to my plantar fasciitis treatments. Whole 30 will give me a sense of satisfaction and self dedication the gym gives me. Then when I can return to the gym at full capacity, it shouldn’t be too much of a struggle, since my body will be loaded with good nutritious foods

I just cam across a Whole 30 emergency snack kit. I am contemplating – I may wait till closer to the end/camping trip and splurge on it.

Well, here we go again!!!


DAY 1 from the Whole 30 timeline:

Day 1: So what’s the big deal? It’s 3 p.m. on Day 1. You had a decadent plate of steak and eggs for breakfast, breezed through the morning with coffee and coconut cream by your side, and had a fresh, crisp chicken salad for lunch. Your body is telling you it needs a little more fuel, so you grab a handful of almonds and an apple and head back to your desk to finish out your day. You’ve got a slow cooker full of chili infusing your kitchen with a heavenly smell, and right now you can’t see why anyone thinks this is hard.

This delusion is somewhat akin to the first episode of any given reality show on which the contestants are herded together and forced to live in one house. At the end of the first episode, everyone can just tell they are going to be best friends for life. Those of us on the other side of the screen know better, though, don’t we? No one really believes this mess to be true, but everyone humors it… because how long can it last, really?

The truth is that you’re feeling empowered by making one good choice after another, all day long. And you should! Take note of that rock star feeling, stash it away, and bring it back out when days get rough. Because rest assured that after a lifetime of sub-optimal choices, things are probably going to get worse before they get better.

– See more at: http://whole30.com/step-five-veteran/#sthash.k6CVz4I9.dpuf