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I have mentioned previously I have been experiencing some serious plantar fasciitis pain. I have tried rest, ice, NSAIDS, stretching, even succumb to a steroid injection. Still the pain returns. I am not a fan of steroid use due to both short and long term effects. I feel it doesn’t truly solve my problem. My podiatrist went over all the options I could try. I chose the newest and least invasive: Stem cell / amniotic fluid grafting. (See the link for more information on how the cells are harvested and transplanted.)


Wednesday, 5/13/2015, i underwent the first of a series of 3 injections. After speaking with my doc and discussing the intense pain currently combined with the reaction I had when he injected a steroid in my foot ( the pain was so bad he couldn’t even finish the injection), we agreed sedation would be best. This would alleviate my anxiety and ensure he could properly inject the entire amount into my heel. A bit of Propofol and few minutes later I was awake and ready for my treat.


Yes, that is me minutes after sedation, eating about 1.5 lbs. of fro-yo. I stick to my story that the drugs made me do it! For the record, I did not get ill afterwards, but did not eat dinner that evening 🙂

So, now I am 48hrs. post-procedure…and it hurts like hell. The fluid (stem cells/amniotic) causes an inflammatory response that promotes the healing. Thankfully, my doc did a great job warning me. The first 24 hrs., I was sore, but Tylenol made it bearable. *NOTE: I cannot take any anti-inflammatories – my body needs this inflammation to promote healing…no Advil, Aleve, etc. It is Tylenol or Vicodin only). Today, well, today it hurts, real bad. I went to work for a while. Since I can only take Tylenol while at work, the pain did not subside. I came home to take Vicodin and maybe get a nap in.

I took the prescribed pain medication and felt good enough to grab some groceries. For me, grocery shopping on narcotics is equivalent to smoking a joint and grocery shopping. On the positive, I have a fresh batch of bone broth brewing and some healthy delicious food for the week. Now it is time for more pain meds and my stretching boot.

I will continue to have high hopes and look forward to the finish line in a couple months 🙂