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I started this past weekend with a visit to my podiatrist. My plantar fasciitis was getting increasingly worse with the squat challenge. The final straw was Thursday when I did 150 squats with 50 lbs on my shoulders. That night I could barely walk. So, I had to admit defeat and get a cortisone injection. I had heard horror stories about the pain of injections into the foot…they didn’t come close to describing the unbearable pain I barely endured. I don’t think I will EVER get another injection into my foot, unless I am sedated. The doc went over my future options: one more steroid injection, an injection of amniotic/stem cell fluid, a large needle inserted to ‘clean up’ the arch/heel, and lastly, surgery. If I can get sedated, I think I will go with the amniotic fluid injection. So far, the pain in my heel is gone from the cortisone. I will recheck with my physician in 2 weeks and see what the next step is.

I am very sad that I cannot finish the squat/plank/crunch challenge. I am more sad that I have to seriously alter the way I work-out now. I love leg work-outs. I am going to have to find non-weight bearing exercises to avoid pissing off my heel.

Saturday was the Great American BBQ & Beer Fest that included a concert by the Eli Young Band – who I LOVE! We opted for the VIP experience that included a private area with a buffet, bar, bathrooms, and seating next to the main stage. It was a gorgeous day to hang out with friends and enjoy some yummy food and cold beverages. I was very thankful my heel felt better and my new boots were comfortable šŸ™‚


Today, both my husband and I, are paying for the crap we ate and drank yesterday. UGH….

Dinner tonight was salad, broiled salmon, sweet peppers and an avocado. Gotta get back on track STAT! I have pork and chicken with green chiles in the crock-pot for this weeks meals. I made a fresh vat of beef bone broth too – this will play a huge part in getting my gut back to normal.

My Bountiful Basket last week contained a daikon radish – any ideas what I should do with it???

It is only 7p and I am getting into bed…I think it will take another day for my body to recover from the fun that was had last night!!