Exciting day….first, my chameleon finally came! He was overnight-ed from Ohio and we had been waiting for a break in the frigid temps when it was safe to ship him. He is so tiny, active, and adorable. I named him Picasso – since he can change colors and that reminded me of art, which then lead my thoughts to Picasso. Yes, ladies and gents, that is a glimpse into my very complicated mind. He all set in his new home with his lighted waterfall, heat, UVB, lots of branches, etc… and hoping he eats tonight. I served him 3 deliciously gut loaded and dusted crickets 🙂 Yummy, huh?

My Veiled Chameleon

My Veiled Chameleon

My next exciting event was I did 36 push-ups! Not lady push ups, not on my knees, not against the wall….real manly push-ups!

My trainer announced at the end, “And THAT is how you do it!! BOOM!”

I must confess it was 3 sets of 12, but nonetheless, it was a personal record for me! Add to that shoulders, biceps, and triceps, and I am sure to have T-Rex arms tomorrow!! You should see me trying to type right now!


I am freshly showered sipping my chicken bone broth too amped to sleep! Time to try and unwind, turn on my new sound maker app, and look forward to tomorrow 🙂 Goodnight folks!