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So, I have survived so far 🙂 I kept thinking this is so much harder than the 1st round, WTH? Then I saw this: http://whole30.com/2015/02/second-whole30/

And it TOTALLY made sense. I do know an added challenge for me, is having my husband home…don’t get me wrong! I LOVE HAVING HIM HOME. It’s that he can eat popcorn and sandwiches. I get to smell it through the house….I have to repeat to myself, “This is a choice you have made for your life. It is not your husband’s or anyone’s problem you are choosing real whole food that will lead to a whole life. This life is not about the food you put into your mouth, but about the entire life you put into yourself.”

I am definitely not riding the roller-coaster (headache, want to kill everyone, love the world, can’t sleep, just want to sleep all day, etc). I am sure it is because I ate crap for most of my 37 years of life and this time it was only a few weeks of sugar-laden, processed garbage. I do notice my skin got a little ‘rash-like’ in the same area the same time last round. I expected it – the toxins are coming out anyway they can! I am sleeping better – not enough as I would like, but better. My moods are more even.

Maybe it’s the lack of daily inspirational emails I had the first round – but I forget to stop and think about the Whole9. I have to remember this is not just about food. This is about cleaning my mind, body, and soul of toxins. Learning to fuel my body like an expensive machine, revere it like a temple, and treat it like it is the only one i get – because it is!

This weekend is the big camping trip. I am going armed with fruit, veggies, ranch, home-made jerky and Italian beef 🙂 I bought a new Paleo hot cereal – I will let you know how that is the next week. It is almond meal, flax, chia, and other nuts / roots. While others toast their beers and cocktails I will hold up my sparkling water with lemon or grapefruit. While fishing I will pack Epic bars (bison is my protein of choice), Lara Bars (read the label – not all are compliant! I like the cashew bar), and my fave Rx Bars. I am going to fresh grind some coffee for my French press and coconut milk for cream.

Here are some of my favorite meals this week!


Lamb, asparagus, zucchini…I (thought I) hated lamb all my life. Then I tried lamb shoulder chops marinated in lemon, olive oil, oregano, garlic, salt, and pepper – WOW!!

image Almond meal and coconut flour blueberry muffins – weird consistency, but I love them. A good dose of fiber and protein for the morning


Zucchini ‘noodles’ with shrimp with ghee herb sauce