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Well, I am 3 days into another #whole30. I have been sleeping like a rock 🙂 Yesterday I was Tiger-Blood happy. Today, well, today was a bit of an emotional roller coaster – to be expected.

The day started great and then got filled with meetings. I had to leave work with my work not done – I just about had a sh*t fit on the car ride home. Then, I see on FBook less than nice comments about my first stuffed animal project from sewing class. Yes, I may be a bit sensitive right now.

My highlight today was a co-worker shared my dairy/gluten/crap-free ranch dip recipe with her sister and she loved it!

I went out for lunch today- Chili’s. I was so surprised at the many options I had! I ordered the chili rubbed salmon (sans sauce), grilled shrimp and steamed broccoli. It was so good! I love that I can go out and still be social and stay within the Whole 30 guidelines.

Below is a snap shot of some of the food I have been eating this week. Coconut crusted wahoo, apples and almond butter, mini egg muffins loaded with steak, prosciutto, sweet potato, onions, and sundries tomatoes, cucumber/olive/artichoke salad, pulled pork on kale with home-made dressing, and steak & eggs.

If you want any recipes, do not hesitate to ask!PhotoGrid_1423017398680