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I seem to get on kicks where I cannot get enough of a certain food…right now it is my buffalo chicken salad with home-made ranch (dairy, soy, gluten-free!). Added some sliced cucumber, broccoli, and a hard-boiled egg to amp up the protein.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Buffalo Chicken Salad

When I made the buffalo sauce this time, I swapped the usually butter with chicken fat I rendered from the chicken bone broth I had on hand 🙂

Adds a bit of depth to the sauce – YUM!

Tonight, I get a hair-cut in prep for a getaway to New Orleans. Gotta finish packing, of course! And then tomorrow hit the airport!!

I did my research and there are (surprising) a lot of Paleo-friendly establishments! I by no means will be abide 100% Paleo while there. As I have said before – I believe in submersing myself into a culture when travelling. That being said – I will make better choices when I can and splurge occasionally 🙂 Looking forward to crawfish – never had before and fresh oysters!

I call it balance 🙂 Come February – I am on the Whole30 wagon again – JOIN ME!?!