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I recently was sent a new product I had seen in Paleo Magazine, called RAW tea by Natural Force. It is a Paleo-Approved pre-work-out supplement/drink. From their website:

“Natural Force Raw Tea™ is a unique blend of natural herbs, roots, fruit extracts, and superfoods to help give you a naturally powerful energy boost unlike any other supplement on the market. Although it is natural, don’t let that fool you… its extremely powerful ingredients will help provide you with the energy and endurance you need to meet the demands of your grueling workout. It will nutritionally support a sustained vascular pump and improved sense of well being hours after you work out!”

So, I gave it a whirl…I mixed it up in the handy blender bottle from Natural Force.


I drank it about 30 minutes before I met my trainer at the gym. I have to say, the taste, well, is something I had to get used to. It tastes very ‘flowery/bitter-ish, natural’ and it should taste like that since there are no flavorings added. I have now used it for several work-outs and I don’t feel as drained afterward, my endurance was slightly improved, and I had enough energy after my work-out to finish errands, yet relaxed enough to fall asleep 3 hours later. 

I was most impressed with what it did NOT do: no increased heart rate, no flushed/sweaty feeling, no jitters. I will be using it tonight with my trainer 🙂

They have several other products to make the most of your work-out. The 2 that intrigue the most is the post-workout recovery supplement called “Recovery Nectar” and their whey protein powder made from 100% organic milk from grass-fed / free range cows.

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It’s great to see a company in tune with those of us choosing to live a Paleo, organic, healthy lifestyle. Yes, the products are pricey, but quality like this costs more to produce and I am ok with that!

Give them a try and let me know yout thoughts!


***Natural Force supplied me with a free sample of the Raw Tea in exchange for a unbiased review.