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Our family suffered a great loss a little over a week ago. With my husband always on work travel and now one less 4 legged child, the house felt so empty and quiet. I know you can never replace a lost loved one. I also know my heart and home have a little room feeling empty. I went to Halo Animal Rescue and met some cats and kittens. There were 2 that drew me in: one was a young adult Siamese-gorgeous seal point, sleek, slender body. I looked him over and found a very infecte3d tooth. I let the staff know and he has already had the tooth remedied! The second, was a big orange and white boy about 3 years old, chubby, soft little meow, and full of love.

I went home and slept on it. The next day I went back. The siamese was at the vet having his tooth fixed so it was me and the orange boy. I had to take him home. Everyone passed him over oooing and aweing over the kittens.

He is home and very thankful! We are very slowly introducing him to the rest of the fur-kids. Every night he is glued to my side as I sleep. He is very shy and jumpy still.

The only problem…I cannot come up with a name! Nothing seems to stick or fit or my husband doesn’t care for it. Today, we are going to look at the siamese boy that got his tooth extracted. Siamese hold a special place in the hearts of my husband and me.

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We miss our fur-kids that are in heaven and will never find anyone to replace them. We are finding different personalities by rescuing cats that make our family feel a little more whole.