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Ugh…my head hurts, I am SO thirsty, my tummy is bloated…but I did have a great time! I made a Kale/Pineapple/banana smoothie to try and push the poison from my body. This is a perfect reminder why I do not live like this anymore. Once in a while when a best friend visits I can survive (I hope). I am looking forward to starting my 2nd Whole 30 Monday morning.

I am hoping with my 2nd round, I feel quite as crappy the first week. This Whole 30 will end on my and my husband’s anniversary – perfect timing! Also, just in time for me to wear my new dress to my brother-in-laws wedding!

I got my new Nikon DSLR camera and am a photo snapping junkie! Below are a few photos from this week. I start a photography class next week. There is so much to learn!

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