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I am so happy and thankful I found a Paleo lifestyle. This does not mean I cannot or will not eat things like pizza, mac n cheese, wine, etc. I have been feeling and eating great! Friday, I thought, I will get a movie and a pizza. A treat for everything I have done for ME! I promised myself to eat 2 slices and throw the rest away to prevent temptation. I could not decide pizza from where, so I grabbed a grocery ‘fresh’ pizza. I couldn’t find a movie at Redbox (guessing I waited to late). I baked the pizza and settled in on the couch with 2 slices. I took a bite…it was ok, just ok. I finished both pieces and was left disappointed…feeling gross and very disappointed. The next day, I woke with a headache and my guts were torn up. I went to work and couldn’t eat all day. I was running to the restroom frequently. So much so, it was suggested to me I should head home.

I came home and sipped tea and felt much better. I found it odd that without eating all day I was not ‘starving’. Around 5p I got a craving for sushi that would not let up. So, I got dressed and took my self to dinner. I went to Otaku in Chandler – close to home and great quality food.20140920_181217 20140920_181833 20140920_181839

I was thrilled to learn it was restaurant week. I tried one of their special rolls, and some nigiri. Half-way through my meal my stomach started to churn. I ignored it and finished my food and headed home. Again, in the bathroom 😦 I fullly know sushi is not what you throw into a pissed-off gut, but when I want sushi – I get sushi.

I awoke this morning feeling fine again. I ate a banana and RXBar and took the dogs for an early walk at the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch in Gilbert. It was beautiful! Birds, bunnies, butterflies, flowers, and the singing of quails.

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It felt so good to get back to nature and sunshine 🙂 I came home and was pretty hungry. I scanned the fridge and saw a sirloin I had thawed – so at 10am I grilled a steak. Minutes later, stomach issues. I stuck near the restroom and finished laundry, bathed dogs, etc. I decided to head to the pool for more sun and reading. I brought a bottle of iced coconut water – thinking it will help re-hydrate me. After about an hour I was nauseated and thought I was going to pass out walking home. WTH!?!

I am now showered and relaxing on the couch. I just ate some prosciutto wrapped peach slices and am feeling much better.

Could all this tummy turmoil really be from 2 slices of pizza?!?! I believe it is. I feel the combo of chemicals, cheese, and gluten just was too much at one time. I will be taking a probiotic this week to get everything back in place…and NO more pizza.

What a bummer 😦

LESSON LEARNED (the hard way)