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20140912_114512 20140912_113727“Ruff day at the pawffice!’

This week was filled with excitement! It rained enough people were boating down the streets, I had a root canal, our new flooring is being installed (finally), volunteered at the county shelter (MCACC), and today at work we had a ‘beach bash’ to kick off our volunteer/community involvement, etc.

I sent in my application to be a foster parent at the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control Facility 🙂

I bought yet another kitchen gadget! I was looking for a tool to make zucchini pasta and saw ranges from $20-$50. Then, I came across this treasure at Ross…the VEGGETTI. I have used it a couple times already; super quick and easy. I made zucchini pasta 2 ways – boiled and sautéed. I prefer the sautéed with olive oil, garlic and topped with tomatoes and basil…yummy! This is the best $9.99 I have spent! I have yet to try other veggies in it. The website has more info I must watch!



Lazy dinner of sliced roast beef, mayo, horseradish, and my zucchini pasta and marinara.