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Day 29…

Woke up feeling full of Tiger Blood! Only 4 hours of sleep and I felt great! I even had time to make a great breakfast – which would be important for my blood donation appointment later in the morning. I made over easy eggs and more prosciutto wrapped asparagus (I think I may be hooked on these). I ended up having to take the breakfast to go after hearing the traffic report. It was pretty easy to eat and drive, but I am not endorsing trying this at home 🙂 I made sure to drink plenty of water and some coconut water before my blood donation. I figured post-donation I would grab fruit and water in the ‘recovery area’. Guess what? No fruit. Powerade, water, cookies, crackers and Corn Nuts. Sh*t…I sipped my water and headed back to my desk. Instead of eating a bar or fruit, I got side tracked with all the emails I had to deal with. Next thing I know, I feel like crap, nauseated, stomach grumbling, tired…no bueno. About 3 hours post-donation I got my lunch ready; I had southwest chicken lettuce wraps. Looked and smelled amazing! I took one bite…then another…then my stomach said NO MORE. I felt like I was going to be sick at my desk. I threw away all that food because the smell and look of it was making me feel worse. The rest of the afternoon was spent in meetings and in the bathroom (TMI, I know!). I made a cup of ginger tea and ate an RXBar. I felt a little better. Not sure if it was the blood donation or a bug; I heard a few girls were out this week with the stomach flu.

day 29

My plan was to leave work around 3:30p, stop at the pharmacy for cat meds, come home to tend to the zoo, then head to the hospital to meet my new best baby friend, Theo. Well, I got out late, had hellacious traffic, a dog with pee on her and her kennel, oh and cat puke I stepped in. Seriously! Ok, now the 4 hours of sleep has kicked in. I am crabby, tired, needing a shower, and I cannot imagine anyone dealing with my crap attitude right now. “Get a grip Jen! Close your eyes and picture the beaches in Rocky Point, a coco-colada in your hand, and sand in your toes…” Sigh…

day 29 dinner Dinner was actually the quickest things I could find – roasted brussel sprouts, baked potato with ghee and chives and a NY strip, very rare of course!

I still am astonished I am at the end of day 29! Funny, today I finally got my copy of “It Starts With Food”. Since I am not ‘quitting’ tomorrow, the book will still be of great use. I also bought a Paleo cook book for the crock pot. I do not have any celebratory plans for my big Day 30. I do have a doctor’s appointment for my biometric screening – curious what changes I will see.

I saw THIS on Yahoo! today and thought I would share. Food label reading can be very misleading.

Another interesting article I found mentions the amazing benefits of bone broth. You can fine that article here. I cannot wait to make more this weekend 🙂

What will happen with my blog after tomorrow?

I will continue to blog about food, the changes that I am sure are still to come with my mind and body, my pets, my husband, our travels and adventures. I won’t be a blogger focused on ONE area. I have a lot of aspects of my life I want to share. Those who know me know that when I find a thing, food, product, place I love I RAVE from the rooftops about it – so expect a lot of that 🙂 If I find or experience a gem I want the world to know!

I did learn yet another use for coconut oil tonight..eye make-up remover! It glides eye make-up right off, no need to rinse, no chemicals. I already use it to cook, overnight condition my hair, rub into my cuticles, and nightly lip balm just to name a few!

That’s all for tonight folks! See you tomorrow on the 30th day of my Whole30!! xoxo