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Day 28…

What a day!! I will start with my food, then get into the days excitement…

I had planned on a lovely breakfast at home – maybe eggs, bacon, kale juice. Then, the monsoon from hell hit and I had to fly out the door if I was going to make it in to work. I grabbed 2 over easy eggs and potatoes at the work cafe – I do love the food their, it just irks me to spend money on stuff I have at home.

I had brought some miscellaneous lunch items I grabbed from the fridge as I rushed out this morning…nothing was really appetizing. I went to the cafe and looked around. I ordered a plain burger patty. I added my own left over spinach and bacon and mayo…voila! Delicious lunch!


Taking random things from the fridge and throwing together a great meal is a talent of mine, ask my husband 🙂 Later on, I was a little hungry and went for my FAVE flavor RXBar – coffee cacoa. SIDE NOTE: I had to laugh: one of the docs I work with comes up to me around 3p and says “So, I had breakfast, then an RXBar, then lunch…can I have another bar?” and laughs…I shrugged and said, sure! She might have a RXBar addiction!

I came home and gobbled down a hard-boiled egg and half an apple before I scooted off to the gym. I did the quickest work-out I have ever done…waiting for good news is very motivating 🙂

I stopped at the grocer on the way home; it was not my fave store, but it was on the way and I figured I could find the few things I wanted to grab. I was delightfully surprised to find everything so easily! I wanted to make bacon wrapped prosciutto and get Aidell’s sausage and sauerkraut for later in the week.

prosciotto aidells libbys sauerkraut

Boar’s Head was the only one of three prosciutto’s that are Whole30 approved and Aidell’s sausages – only the chicken apple flavor is approved. The Aidell website and package ingredients differed. Some folks have been saying the sundried tomato flavor is approved, but the label I read in the store had CHEESE as one of the top ingredients. We know dairy/cheese are a big NO NO on Whole30. The sauerkraut was interesting…same brand (Libby’s) the canned is ok, but the jarred is not. The jarred variety has a few other ingredients / preservatives. I love sauerkraut, I cannot believe I have waited 28 days to indulge!

I got home from the gym and store, threw together the asparagus and prosciutto – wrapped the asparagus in half a piece of prosciutto, drizzled with balsamic vinegar, fresh ground pepper and garlic powder to taste. Bake at 400 degrees until prosciutto is the texture you desire (I like mine crispy and the asparagus starting to brown).


 I gobbled that all up. Then I sliced up a chicken breast, added green chilies, salsa and seasonings and baked – tomorrow’s lunch perhaps. I should have more for dinner, especially since I worked out, but I have been on the edge of my seat all day and night waiting for my best friend to have her baby. The labor started yesterday evening and over 24 hours later I just got the news they did a c-section (FINALLY) and mama and baby boy are doing great!! Now I am ‘on-call’ to pick-up my friend’s mom and/or bring food to everyone. I am so thrilled for my bestie and her family 🙂 I cannot wait to meet the little peanut!

Thank you all again for the support and love! I cannot believe I am only 2 days from completing the Whole30…it really flew by!

Macio - sad I caught him

Macio – sad I caught him

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