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Day 27…

Had to finish the kale this morning 🙂 I also made a egg, pepper, mushroom scramble. I slept pretty good last night – despite the hilarious / disturbing text the roomie sent me after he took his sleeping medication. Since he sometimes read this, I will keep the goofy text message to myself 😉

I have said all along: if you can cook and plan ahead, this Whole30 life changer is EASY! I can throw my lunches together in minutes, because I cook for 4 each meal. Today’s lunch was left over steak, brocollini and fruit salad.

Day 27 lunch fruit Day 27 lunch

One of the many things I have noticed is how even keeled my emotions have been. Today was a bit of the ‘old Jen’ light version. Reading more about Robin Williams’ suicide after fighting my own battle with depression and OCD really was eating at me. Top that with reading necropsy reports of pets and it is a mix for disaster no matter how strong your mental state. I had that ‘on the verge of tears’ feeling all day. I had Macio out hopping around my cubicle a lot longer than normal today; he always makes me smile. Another thing that has not happened in almost 30 days is any GI upset. Yesterday and today, I felt like my gut had halted. I am sure I did not eat enough yesterday, especially since I had a good work-out. I upped my fiber today and had a ‘heavier’ dinner to stir things up.

Dinner was almond flour crusted tilapia flash fried in coconut oil. I had a side of steamed spinach with lemon and used my mayo to make tartar sauce.  Even though the fish was fried, it was so light and fresh tasting; I really enjoyed the light coconut flavor combined with the nutty flour.

Almond meal/flour coated tilapia, home made tarter sauce and spinach

Almond meal/flour coated tilapia, home made tarter sauce and spinach

** I swear I am not eating everything on these plates!

Day 27 bar

A co-worker brought me the wrapper of his protein bar after he read the ingredients and could not believe all the chemicals in it. I showed him an RXBar. He read the label in amazement and then, of course, asked if he could have one 🙂 I do not understand how they take 4 ingredients and make it so scrumptious! Must be magic 😉 Any whooo…..

Only 3 sleeps until my Whole30 ends, but my Whole eating continues! Be well and goodnight!