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Day 26…

I went with the kale smoothie I love so much and some left over steak to start my Monday. Every day I feel a little ‘better’ a little more ‘human’ and a lot more happy 🙂 I am not super woman by any means, I still get knee aching from certain work-outs and my plantar fasciitis is still flaring, but overall, life is good!

Day 26 lunchI love taking left over meals or ingredients and re-mixing into something totally different. It saves me from tossing out food and gets my creative juices flowing. I saved the 2 different egg yolk mixtures from the deviled eggs I made Saturday. For lunch, I took the filling and piped it onto bell pepper slices – wowza was that good! I also had orange fennel salad…dummy me forgot the orange slices at home, but I did have the orange vinaigrette I had made the night before. It was a pretty light lunch; about 2 hours later I was a little hungry – I grabbed some cashews and was good till my pre-work-out meal. On my way to the gym (it is about an hour form my work) I had a hard-boiled egg and a banana.

When I met my trainer, I asked if she could take a couple measurements on me (she took some a little over a month ago when I began training). As we were walking to her office, she stops dead in her tracks and says, ‘Wait a minute! You aren’t supposed to weigh or measure yourself for another week!’ Dammit! Busted 😦 I even told her she could just measure and not tell me the numbers…still a no-go. Tough love I guess. My work-out went fine – I will be feeling it for the next 2 days.

My post-work-out meal was coconut ceviche on bib lettuce. A cool refreshing meal after a hot work-out was perfect! According to the Whole30 program meal planner, I should not count my post-workout meal as dinner. It is a bonus meal and I still need dinner. I just cant physically eat 2 meals in the couple hours I have from post workout to bed time. After dinner, I sipped a warm cup of bone broth; I am going to need to make more this weekend. I think I will try chicken bone broth next. I will not be boiling it for days and then eating the bones…yuk-o! I prefer the all-day slow-cooker method.

I guess that is all for today. I am deeply saddened to learn of the loss of Robin Williams today. He had a talent that will never be duplicated. I fell in love with him as a child watching Mork and Mindy and grew up loving his stand-up. My husband and I have many fond memories of watching his stand-up (the first time we visited AZ before moving here we stayed up late in the hotel watching a Robin Williams special – we still talk about that fun night, laughing till our sides hurt) and seeing him live – an experience that will rival no other. I am so glad we got to see this genius in person. My deepest sympathy to his loved ones. Depression is a dark roller coaster and it can swallow a person right before your eyes.