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Day 25…

Well, how can I put this politely, it is ‘that time of the month’ and I woke up feeling like crap-in-a-can. My back aches, my tummy is bloated, and I want to sleep ALL DAY. I had to take Tylenol in order to get things done today. Today, my husband heads to Florida again 😦 I did a lot of cleaning and we rearranges our ‘cat’s room’ to make room for Macio’s cage. We are having wood flooring delivered next weekend and we had to make room in our living room for the wood to site and acclimate for 3 weeks. I am so excited to finally get these floors done (we ordered the wood in April…exotic wood is a nightmare!).

My food choices today were not anything to write about. I stayed true to my Whole30, but didn’t prepare anything fabu. I munched on hard-boiled eggs, fruit, bacon, bone broth (man is that stuff good!). I did make myself dinner using left over potatoes, cabbage, and grilled a steak.

Day 25 dinnerFor the record, I did NOT eat all that! I made 3 meals out of one plate. I finished mt food prep for the next couple days – slicing berries, cutting yellow and green peppers, salad prep…oh, wait, I forgot – I bought a mandolin today! This thing is slick!! I was making a fennel and orange salad and used the mandolin for the fennel – it shaved it paper thin! I had to restrain myself from slicing everything in my produce drawer 🙂 I am looking forward to using it on apples to make apple chips.

And like I said I would, I made chile basil coconut ceviche! I will add the fresh melon right before I eat it.  I am going to use my head of living lettuce to make little wraps 🙂

day 25 snack

Now I am home alone and missing my hubby terrible, already! Hoping tomorrow some of my bloating and overall ‘icky’ feeling subsides. I have my lunch planned and ready for tomorrow, my clothes laid out and house straightened up. Bring it MONDAY!