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Day 24…

 Got up and made a big breakfast of bacon (Pederson’s Natural Farms), eggs, potatoes and kale/pineapple smoothies. It was a perfect blend of fat, protein and carbs.

Day 24 breakfast

Next task was the grocery store. Heaven knows I did not need to buy chicken or any other meat or seafood after cleaning the freezer the night before. It was more staples like bananas, coconut milk, and eggs. We had a party to go to and I had to make an appetizer. I went with a tray of classic deviled eggs using my home made mayo and a tray of avocado lime chili deviled eggs. That way I KNEW there would be something for me to eat 🙂

There is a new butcher close to home and I had been wanting to make bone broth. I got beef knuckles and a beef shank. I filled the crock pot and set it on low. 8 hours later I have a rich velvety broth I can use for sauces, soup or just sip. Once it is cooled, I will remove the fat layer from the top. Bone broth has many health benefits from everything to gut health to anti-inflammatory properties – read HERE for more information. You just cannot buy this goodness in a can!

Beef bone broth

Beef bone broth

Today was ‘car maintenance day’ and I thought it would be a good opportunity to take the roomie for lunch while we waited for the vehicle to be completed. We headed to an old fave, Old Chicago. I know there menu forwards and backwards; I knew I could find a few things to eat no problem. I went with plain grilled wings with a side of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce sans butter. They were good!

Grilled wings

For unknown reasons, I was exhausted after the morning and afternoon of errands. I actually laid down and took an hour nap – it felt fabulous! When I awoke, it was time to get prettied up for the party. I packed up the eggs and off we went! There was a HUGE display of every food imaginable, bottles of wine and a margarita machine! I ate a deviled egg, poured a glass of water and headed outside to socialize. After a few hours I was pretty hungry. I couldn’t be sure about the way any of the food was made, ingredients used, etc. So, we decided it was late and I still had to put away the bone broth, not to mention the roomie heads out of town (AGAIN) tomorrow.

I just had half a banana – it was too ripe for my liking – and am ready for night night time!

See you on Sunday Funday!