Day 23…

 I feel the sugar cravings are gone! WOO-HOO!! Sure, when I see others indulging in sweets after a meal, I think…just let me lick the spoon. In a minute that passes and I move on. Finding things such as reading, web searching recipes, knitting, etc. keep my mind on other things. It keeps me focused on ME and MY GOAL of clean living. Clean living for me is: pure food free of additives and fillers, a mind that has focus on the important things without losing sight of me, learning new ways to clean my home with things like lemons, baking soda and vinegar, and with my doctors help minimizing needed medications and most importantly non-prescription induced sleep each night.

Yesterday, I showed you the bright yummy food I received in my Bountiful Basket – this morning I used the kale, a banana, pineapple, coconut milk (no adds-pure milk) and ice for a fresh smoothie. I admit I had not incorporated kale into a smoothies in the past for fear of the fibrous texture and bitter bite the super green can have. It was very different than the heavy thick protein smoothies I made in the past. I knew that I needed protein, so when I got to work I had 2 over easy eggs.

Kale fruit smoothie

Kale fruit smoothie

Today, we had a team building event at a local ice rink. They would serve lunch – a buffet of pasta, lemon chicken, seasoned veggies, salad, cookies, and soda. I hemmed and hawed do I go do I skip. I ate my cucumber and olive salad and an RxBar and I went. The food didn’t even look appealing to me. I watched the games of broom-ball with my manager and headed home.

When I got home I was hungry. (SIDE NOTE – before Whole30 I would suddenly get nauseating ravenous starving and even hypoglycemic and tremble, not to mention down-right bitchy. Since, my transition hunger creeps in slow and softly. I can go with that feeling for hours without the crabbiness and sick feeling. How great is that!) I knew we were going to see my brother-in-law for a quick visit; instead of eating dinner at 3:30 pm I remembered I had left over cauliflower rice. I heated it up and added a spoonful of an organic artichoke olive spread. It was filling and the saltiness was very satisfying.

Cauliflower 'rice'

Cauliflower ‘rice’

For dinner I made jerky seasoned pork chops, cabbage steak and fruit. The jerk seasoning we purchased on our last trip to Jamaica – so happy to read pure spices, no adds, no sugar. I may have been over zealous with the seasoning. We were tearing up and noses were running. Taking a bite of fruit with the satanic-spiced pork was a perfect combo.

Day 23 dinner

Our ‘fun’ after dinner activity was cleaning out the freezer. Oh, the things we found! A ham bone from Thanksgiving was my fave! We picked a few things to thaw and eat thins weekend and then organized all the fish together, meat together, chicken together and so on. Speaking of chicken…looks like I might be in need of more-J/K!



Right now, as I type, an adorable little chinchilla is running across my lap, over my keyboard, on the the couch, behind the TV…I never would have guessed such a little thing could bring me such joy! Here are some photos from today at the office.

Happy 7 month birthday, Macio!

Macio August 8 2014