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Day 22…what’s a gal to do?

Today was another day with challenges. We had a work pot-luck. I was a horrible employee and forgot; hence, I had nothing to contribute. This helped me swallow the guilt I had for not making an appearance. Some events are just easier to avoid then go to be a spectator. This weekend I will have plenty of spectating at a party we are going to. Did I mention my husband loves me as his DD for weekends?

Lunch was very good – salad with hardboiled egg, grilled chicken and purple cauliflower with a side of my ‘souper soup’ with sautéed mushrooms on top. The whole time I ate I smelled fried chicken. Then, came the parade of people holding plates of cheese cake. Oh, how I love cheesecake! But, do I love it so much I would risk a migraine or God-awful GI upset…no thank you!

Day 22 lunch

Instead, I shared a homemade fruit roll with a co-worker, she loved it! I found a new recipe for ceviche I am going to try this weekend – I will keep you all posted.

Today was also Bountiful Basket pick-up day! That means my fridge is now stocked with fresh fruits and veggies. This is a wonderful co-op that you can participate in every other week or weekly if you are willing to go to a different site. Each time it is a surprise of about 50% veggies and 50% fruit. You do not get to custom pick the food – you get what is in your basket. They also have great add-ons like granola, breads, juicer packs, holiday packs, etc. I got the regular basket PLUS the juicer pack…can you tell the carrot is as wide as my hand?!? Tomorrow morning will be pineapple and kale smoothies 🙂 Here is my basket this week:

BB day 22


Tonight, we are dining out with friends. I did my homework; the menu has a couple options for me and I will have my trusty dressing in my handbag in case. I was all prepared – menu item picked condiments in my bag…then the waitress tells me they are out of salmon. Sh*t. OK, how bout the steak and a plain baked potato and the salad bar. She returns…no steak. What the hell?!? Fine, a plain grilled chicken breast. I topped it with my trusty salad dressing and had some ghee and herbs in my bag for my potato. I didn’t bother photographing it due to it lack of luster. It is a real pisser when you try so hard and prepare just to be let down, big time! Oh well, moving on…


Every minute I near Day 30 I get a little more nervous. My will power over the past 3 weeks has amazed me! Hell, tonight 3 people around me ate pie after dinner! I knew I was an “all or nothing” gal and portion control never really worked. Omitting things completely is the only way I can succeed. To each their own! Before I began my life overhaul, as I call it, I read many comments, saw the photos, followed blogs, but still did NOT believe how this would change me. Everything from my skin, to my emotions, to my body shape, to my sleep have all been changed JUST FROM FOOD!! Although I am nearing the ‘end’ (I am not stopping on Day 30) I am now ordering the book that started this Whole30 movement, It Starts With Food“. I want to know more about what I have done to my body this past month and really learn how to continue this awareness.