Day 21…

Still having fun…without candy, ice cream, cheese and most importantly wine!! It feels great to make it through my whole work day with out the 3p slump, the yawning non-stop, the droopy eyelids.

Today’s Whole30 email talked about the craving dragon returning for one last try…one last ditch effort to get me to eat dessert after dinner. Everything the email said rung true! The last 2 days, after dinner, I crave chocolate and ice cream, real ice cream. After reading this, I knew even making my Paleo-approved banana ice cream was fueling the sugar beast I have been trying to slay for 21 days. So, tonight – NO sweets, no fruit, no banana ice cream.

Breakfast was an avocado/fruit/coco smoothie for hubby and I. I got to work and was hungry still – so I had 2 eggs over easy. Ah, full 🙂 I fully expected to be sore from my workout on Monday (the 2nd day can be the worst), but not bad at all!

Lunch was grilled chicken breast tender with home made ranch (using my homemade mayo), purple cauliflower and apples slices. It was light and very filling. A co-worker brought me a dozen eggs from her chickens – I cannot wait to eat them! I perused the web on my lunch and noticed I had the most blog views TODAY and they came from the US, UK and Australia – super cool! I have no idea what I am doing in the ‘blogging world’, but somehow people are finding and reading this! A few are curious about my ranch recipe. I am not one who uses recipes or any sort of measuring tool. This recipe is Paleo/whole30 approved too! I made a new batch this evening and measured it for you all. This recipe makes a thick dip – to thin it out I use a tablespoon at a time of no-add coconut milk. The flavor is so light you cannot taste it.

day 21 lunch


ranch recipe

1 c. mayo 1 1/2 tsp – 2 tsp. dried dill 1 tsp. garlic powder 1/2 tsp. onion powder 1 tsp. dried parsley Salt & Pepper to taste Refrigerated at least one hour before serving Thin with a tablespoon a ta a time of coconut milk

Dinner was Grouper from Mexico topped with ranch and almond flour, roasted brussel sprouts and boiled multi-colored potatoes with ghee and garlic.

Day 21 dinner

I am full and not craving anything sweet…yet. I have made my nightly cup of tea, gotten as far away from the kitchen as possible and am settling in for a movie. NO SWEETS DAMN IT!


Today, I discussed the blogging world with a co-worker who is a PRO at this. She gave me some tips as to how to promote myself, how to decide if I want to fit into a certain Niche and how to follow other bloggers. She said she could talk for hours about this with me. I may pick her brain regularly. Thank you all for sticking with me and even sharing my website.


Goodnight from me and my cute family!