MacioCharminDay 20…

Another night of restful sleep. My husband and I have a new agreement – he does the a.m. zoo feeding and I make his lunch. Sounds great to me! I pack him a healthy variety of non-paleo food (after all, someone has to eat the stuff!). Breakfast was uneventful – eggs with veggies and cantaloupe. I brought my trusty side-kick, Charmin, to the Paw-ffice today. He makes my day brighter and the time flies. He is also quite the socialite; he had at least 6 visitors today, that I saw.

We did a store visit with one of our vendors and then headed to lunch. I was thrilled when I heard we were going to Pita Jungle. It is a dream for both Paleo and vegetarians. I ordered the mahi mahi – my fave their- and swapped the hummus/pita chips for grilled veggies with lemon. IT was fresh and fantastic!

Day 20 lunch

No gym tonight – movie and cuddling with the roomie instead 🙂 Whole30 is not about working out and obsessing over numbers. I t is abut learning to focus on delicious, clean food, sleep and rebuild my outlook on my life – that means I NEED to cuddle when he is home. For dinner, I had left over pot roast and cauliflower rice. The ‘rice’ was a first for me. So easy and tasty; I cannot I believe I never made it before! My next dish with the ‘rice’ will be a coconut/lemongrass/shrimp soup this weekend.

day 20 dinner

A few co-workers were asking me about the Whole30 today. I cannot explain how strong, awake, and clean I feel inside and out. It took some time, like the timeline said it would, but my body and mind have transformed more in 20 days than I thought it could in 6 months. Twenty days has gone by very quickly. I no longer am dying to get to day 30. I no longer NEED wine when I get home from work. I no longer struggle to stay awake from 2p-till I get home from work. When day 30 comes I will not reward myself with food. I will get a pedicure and have sushi – rice will be my first introduction. If I were a betting gal, I would bet I go right back to Whole30 living for a while longer. I abused my body for 30+ years; I know it will take more than 30 days to heal. Maybe I do a Whole45 or 60 or 90! Who knows?!?


My order of RX Bars came in today 🙂 I Ordered a box of each of these flavors and am splitting it with a doc I work with – she took one bite and said, “these are CRAZY good!”.

I highly recommend these bars to anyone looking for a clean and quick protein pick-me-up.