Day 19

Day 19 – The husband over slept, so instead of making my self breakfast, I packed his lunch. I quickly heated up a left over burger patty with mushrooms and scarfed it on my way out the door. On my car ride into work I sipped my ice coffee and mentally prepared myself for what I knew was going to be a “Carb Cravers Paradise” (as all staff meetings always are). There is always some fruit too –  I decided ahead of time a banana and water will be the finishing touch to my breakfast. Sure enough, it was table of bagels and cream cheese in every corner. I actually had NO desire for one…odd.

Lunch was what I have dubbed my home made “Souper Soup” made of blended tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, parsnips, carrots, spinach…I always keep some in the freezer – I swear it will fix anything that ails ya! Well, today, it gave my awesome strength and endurance for my work-out! Along side my soup I had a mix of olives and a piece or two of beef jerky. The last time I met with my trainer I was tearing up and so weak I couldn’t finish exercises. Not today! I rocked it!! I am thinking I have hit the ‘oh my, I have more strength‘ phase 🙂 It’s about damned time!

I was tired when I got home; after my hot shower, dinner ended up being roast beef with mayo and horse radish, half a Kombucha and then banana strawberry ‘ice cream’ that I whipped up.

day 19 dessert Day 19 dinner

My foot/heel is feeling ok. I stretched following my work out and then used a golf ball to roll out my arches. I located a podiatrist near by and will be making an appointment very soon.

Today’s daily email from Whole30 contained some great info on seasonality of foods, where to get grass fed beef, farmers markets, etc. So, I thought I would share 🙂

The website Eat Wild is a great resource to locate local farms and local meat. To ensure you are getting the best fruit and vegetables for the current season, try the list on the Whole9 website, found here. The final website I want to share is Local Harvest-this site will help you locate nearby Farmer’s Markets.

The photo I included at the top of today’s post is a sign I bought for my husband. He has been super supportive of this journey. He is trying foods he never thought he would and loving them (I put the homemade mayo on his sandwich today and he emailed me at work to tell me how good is was!). Thank you babe, for being understanding and being my greatest cheerleader! xoxo