Day 18…

 We slept in, again 🙂 I made us breakfast – scrambled eggs with bacon, homemade sausage, fruit, and coffee with coconut butter.

Day 18 BreakfastOf course, I had more errands to run and a filthy car to get washed. Hubby brushed and washed the dogs and we trimmed their nails. I did my usually Sunday stripping of the bed, cleaning the kitty room, dishes, etc. By 2pm we were finally hungry for lunch. I heated some left over Asian stir fry from the other day. It was a productive day 🙂

Day 18 fruit roll                      Day 18 Dinner

Dinner was steak for me and duck for the hubby. It was the first time I had made duck. I get nervous making food I do not care for or appreciate. I cannot tell if it is turning out ok. He reported it was perfect 🙂

Ok, food for the day is outta the way…

So, here I am Day 18 feeling good. The last couple days have been mentally challenging. Watching my husband eat things like rice, corn, quesadilla, sandwiches, etc is driving me CRAZY! At work, when I see others eating my past faves, it doesn’t phase me. Here, at home though, it is straining my dedication. I know how those foods will make me feel crappy, but it does not change my mouth from watering. I try to think of the amazing food I am eating and eventually the ‘hangry’ feeling passes. I know when my husband is off to FL again all this will pass.

As I get closer to Day 30 I am feeling a little anxiety. What happens Day 31? Will I binge and end up in the bathroom all day? Will I have wine and bloat right up? So, I made a deal with myself. Since my husband will be gone for another 3 weeks, I am going to keep going until he is home. Partly to make more progress and partly so he can hold me back from diving head first into a gallon of mint ice cream (ooohhh mint ice cream…). Day 30, I will take the photos and measurements and then just keep on eating like the previous 30 days.

I am so thrilled that my headaches have diminished, thoughts are clear, peace is oozing into every crevice of my soul. The only ‘pains” I am having are my typical orthopedic issues. Lately, I have been experiencing intense pain in my right heel. Really bad after certain types of exercise, first getting out of bed or from a chair, and after sitting in the car. I am pretty darn sure it is plantar fasciitis. The pain causes me to limp terribly, which then irritates my knee. I am not delusional to think food is going to cure this. I will be seeing a podiatrist for it.

Well, folks…that is all for tonight. I had a great weekend spending oodles of time with my best friend and favorite roomie 🙂 Happy Monday morning to you all!!