Day 17…

  Actually got to sleep in till 6:30 am – WIN! Hubby went for a run and I headed to the gym for ‘Body Attack’ class. It is a cardio class with some athletic based moves and some running. I have not done a whole lot of cardio and wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to hack it for 60 minutes. I survived…barely!

Today was ‘errand day’ with the roomie. That means breakfast was grab and go = banana and some almonds. While out, we stopped at a new restaurant for lunch. I was hesitant not knowing what type of food they serve; I had my trusty salad dressing in my bag in case I went with a salad. After scanning the menu, I settled on a grilled chicken breast with mango salsa, steamed broccoli and a plain baked potato. The waiter checked on the salsa ingredients and it was made from scratch with no sugar. Perfect! Meal came and the chicken and shrimp were covered in a sweet terriyaki sauce and then potato was covered in cheese…son-of-a-bitch! The waiter noticed the potato and brought me a new plain one. Because this was my first dining out experience with the hubby, I did not want to be ‘that customer’. So, I wiped off the chicken, gave the shrimp to hubby and ate my broccoli and potato. I felt terrible after. I could still taste a little of the sauce on the chicken. It took a while to stop internally brutalizing myself. Moving on we had more shopping to do.

Our last stop was Whole Foods – roomie’s first time! He began saying things like ‘what’s the big deal’ ‘I don’t get why people come here’, etc. Then he found Maple flavored water, Maple cereal, duck breast, frozen meals that had lamb in them! All of a sudden, I would here, “whoa!” and he was in awe. I was laughing almost to tears! A whole lotta money later, we have a trunk full of yummy,  for the most part healthy, food.

At home I started a new batch of beef jerky and blended fruit for another batch of fruit-roll-ups. Dinner was burgers – I made a bacon, mushroom, may burger, green beans, and squash.

day 17 dinner

We are both exhausted from a fun day of being buddies. It is so nice to have him home, even though it is for only one week. It was a great day starting with a hard work-out and then spending the day with my best friend. As I type, My little buddy, Macio the chinchilla, is running a muck. To many this sounds like a dull Saturday night. To me, having my furkids and my husband all together in our quiet home, is the best way I could imagine spending my Saturday!