Day 16…

I did not sleep well last night. The off and on rain added with my nervousness of my returning husband left no room for sleep. “Did she say nervous about her husband coming home??” Yes. I have worked very hard for the past 16 days and he was coming home for the first time since I had started this journey. I was afraid I had not made enough ‘progress’ in the 16 days. Silly? Absolutely!

My morning started with a tasty scramble of the night before’s greens and prosciutto that I added some ‘shrooms to then the eggs. I had some time to get my crock pot ready for dinner as well. I did not want to be cooking and cleaning the first night the roomie returns after 3 weeks in Florida.

Day 16 breakfastI had a grass-fed beef roast (I cannot remember the cut) that I lightly seasoned, added some aged balsamic, chicken broth (I was out of beef broth, of well!), sweet potatoes, purple potatoes and carrots,

For lunch I made a brussel sprout leaf salad with tuna, egg, olives and my fave homemade lemon dressing.

.Day 15 lunchDay 15 dinnerI read my daily inspiration email from Whole30. Today is the day I awake like Charlie Sheen filled with Tiger Blood!! I think I hit that phase a day or so ago. I wake refreshed every morning and smiling…no idea why I am smiling, but it feels good. I feel a calmness surrounding me. I notice the serenity within especially when I am having an emotion-filled conversation or flooded by a memory that used to pummel me to a teary mess.

Could the preservatives, added sweeteners, sugar, artificial dyes/flavoring really be causing that much havoc on my mind and body? There is no other explanation. Just as the email says, I am enjoying the flavor of fresh food, appreciating simple clean meals and overall feeling wonderful! At dinner tonight I was sipping one of these new organic tea beverages; after a few sips I thought it tasted awful. I turned the bottle around and read the label. It contained cane sugar. Shit! I had done so well. No what?!? I remembered one of the past emails from Whole30 and stopped berating myself, accept I made a dumb error and moved on. I have not ‘ruined everything’. It was a reminder to always read the entire label.

Roomie and I went to Happy Hour to catch up with friends. He was concerned about going to a bar. I said I will be fine and you and everyone else should do as you always would – order drinks, snacks, etc. I will have my club soda and lime. All was great! Quietly hubby says, “Is it OK if I get dessert.” I rolled my eyes and replied, “Again, honey, please eat and drink like you normally would – have your cake and eat it too!”

All the nervousness of my husband seeing me after being gone for 3 weeks was gone the minute he said, “You look so thin! You are doing such a good job.” All night he has noticed specific things about my body/looks/face that have improved and he is proud and, I think, a little shocked. The compliments from him and even work people helps bring home the power of food and solidifies I am doing something amazing for no one but ME!