Day 14 is done!

Got to work this morning to find someone had dumped my organic, no-crap-in-it coconut milk I had been using as coffee creamer. Then, I loaded my K-cup in the office Keurig to find out it was broken. I was livid, as you can imagine. I decided I would go get my own mini fridge and keep it in my cubicle so no one ca touch my stuff…by noon my mini fridge was cooled and had snacks in it 🙂

Getting the fridge meant I had to re-arrange my desk area. Feels like a new little office! Poor Macio, my chinchilla, misjudges the new layout when he flew out of his cage into my phone…woopsie!

Breakfast was in the work cafe – 2 eggs over easy and a side of potatoes. I double checked with the chef in regards to the potatoes – he slices fresh red potatoes every morning and seasons them – no sugar or preservatives. Lunch was tuna salad with my home made mayo. The mayo is great – next time I will add a little more salt and lemon for tang. I also think I will make some flavored versions.


No cravings today and it seems like my last headache was long ago. I am still sleeping like a rock every night without any prescription meds; no meds for a diagnosed insomniac it a miracle! Went to the gym and met with my trainer. I fatigued in minutes. I was disappointed to the point of tears. She feels I need more carbs. I promised to have sweet potatoes (YUK!) on my way to see her next week. It is deflating to be working so hard and feeling like a new person then to be pummeled at the gym in a matter of minutes.

After the gym, I ran to Sprouts to replace the coconut milk ‘someone’ threw away. Not ONE coconut milk was #Whole30 approved! I can’t believe Sprouts didn’t have one I could have.  I dont know what xanthan gum, guar gum, carrageenan are but they are in EVERYTHING!!! Oh, an sugar…sugar is also in everything. I used to enjoy grocery shopping, now I leave irritated and feeling let down.

Dinner was, well, nothing really. I was exhausted, a little nauseated and not hungry. I grabbed a bite of lunch eat (finally found some approved deli meat) and a cup of tea. My body and mind are pooped out. Jen V. signing off!

Day 14 lunch Day 14Some yummy finds at Sprouts