Day 13: My morning started out pretty good considering the 3 1/2 hours sleep I was running on. Made a couple eggs for breakfast and then drank a Kombucha ginger tea ( on my way in to work.

I began to feel the sleep deprivation around lunch time. I drank a lot of green tea and water. Had some fruit thinking it would perk me up. My eyes were half closed by 2p and my drive home was frightening as I fought to stay awake. Of course, I told myself – get home and to bed! Did I? Nope. I started laundry, unloaded dishes, fed the zoo and then had to feed myself. That’s when the cravings hit…hard. I was dying for crackers and cheese. It would be so easy to grab then hit the hay. I actually grabbed a box of Blue Diamond Almond crackers and read the label…praying I could justify they were Whole30. I laughed at myself and put it back. I threw together chicken stock, chicken, and green beans; a good comfort meal to stave off the cravings.

Then I got a wild hair and went to the grocery store. At least I ate before I went! I picked up produce and then looked for some lunch meat and bacon. I got so irritated at all the sh*t in the food I ended up yelling on the phone at my poor husband. It seems the ‘I want to kill’ phase hit me right there. Why can’t I find anything easy to eat!! I love to cook, but lately have been so busy. I was pissed off at the store, employees and myself.

I came home feeling better. Not so pissed off, not craving crap. I whipped up my first batch of home made mayonnaise! The recipe I had called for olive oil. I knew my olive oil was a little stronger flavor than I would care for in mayo, so I used safflower oil. It turned out very light tasting and so fresh. I cannot wait to season it for chicken and fish. I did put together some herbs and mayo for tuna salad for tomorrow’s lunch. Now, I sip my mint tea (made from dried mint from my herb garden) and begin my unwinding before I drift away to sleepy land!


HUGE thanks to my girls that would not let me fail today. Your help and support means the world to me! xoxo

Day 13I had to include one photo of my cube-mate, Charmin 🙂