Day 10 – ROAD TRIP!! My friend, Christie headed up north to do some shopping and relax. I did my homework looking into restaurants and making sure I had Whole 30 options.

I started the day with a light work out and then some pool time with Elizabeth. Then I hit the road! I packed fruit, nuts, beef jerky and water. 20140726_141027

We made excellent time! We went to check into the hotel I reserved…fail…I reserved the wrong date and the hotel was booked. Shit…on to another hotel and it was booked. F me. Well, to the Marriott chains – I know that my husband’s status will get us a room. He had tried using point s to book online and it would not let him and the room cost was A LOT. So, I asked the front desk if they had a room – they did! For a million dollars! I asked if there was any possibility of using my husband’s points. She said she would try to look it up. Lo and behold, she sees his elite status and could not be more accommodating – free water, hand fulls of a good shampoo, etc. Bountiful thank yous as well. I quickly called my husband to let him know I just used 30,000 Marriott points – he was shocked that they let me do it in-person when online said no.

We got a beautiful suite for FREE! I have never been so excited to screw up!

We got settled and then headed off to adventure. Bought lots of soaps, sprays, face potions, etc. Then, we wanted a snack. We looked around and I saw a restaurant called Mountain Oasis International Restaurant the name sounded like they might have some healthy options for me. After perusing the menu, I thought I had found a lettuce wrap that might work. The waiter was so kind. He said being a vegan he understands dietary needs. Then the owner/chef came out and asked exactly what I needed to avoid. He proceeded to build a custom order just for me! It was the most fresh and delicious thing I have had in a long time.

Day 10 Flagstaff

He took plain pork and tossed it with fresh mango, Asian slaw and vinegar – simple and clean. I thanked the waiter and owner many times over. They not only were willing to help, but did with a smile. I have never experienced service like this!

We took some ‘selfies’ and sent them to my husband who I have not seen in over 2 weeks – he instantly replied and said “I can tell you are shrinking! Keep up the good work!” Can this day get any better?? YUP IT SURE CAN…

After more shopping and freshening up we headed to dinner – Taverna, a Greek place that had some good options for me. The waiter took our drink order – for me it was club soda with cucumber and mint. I picked out 2 options that I would ask the server about. The server explained what he knew of the meal prep and then grabbed the manager who came over with a smile and was pleased to assist me. When I apologized for being ‘that person’ he said, “I would rather accommodate your dietary needs then not have the chance to serve you”. He double check on ingredients with the kitchen staff and again a customized meal…with a smile!!!

20140726_204207 I ordered a lamb skewer and chicken skewer with fresh veggies with lemon. I must saw I went in saying, “i don’t like lamb” the manager took that as an opportunity to explain to my why I didn’t like the lamb i have had in the past. He reassured me if for any reason I didn’t love it, he would bring me another option. He was spot on…it was AMAZING! I actually ate all the lamb and left some of the chicken.

I cannot get over the amazing service I had at not one, but two restaurants here in Flagstaff. I am so excited to come back! Before we head out tomorrow, we are hitting a couple organic grocers 🙂

This has been the most relaxing and surprising trip – I am so happy I may sleep smiling!