Day 9Day 9 was AWESOME!! It had it’s challenges, but I feel AMAZING! I was overwhelmed by emotion this morning on my ride into work – I think the combo of the husband gone so long and reminiscing about my soul-mate-kitty was too much. I recovered much quicker from emotions that usually knock me down for the day.

I got to work, made my coffee, and let Macio (the most adorable chinchilla ever!) run around my cubicle. He is a riot! No matter what I am feeling he always makes me laugh. Today, he figured out how to get under his cage where I cannot reach him – little stinker! No headache yet…

OK, back to Day 9 – breakfast was scrambled eggs and bacon, then lunch was shrimp from last night’s dinner over baby kale lettuce and sliced red pepper and berries. At 2p came a HUGE challenge…the monthly birthday celebration = cookies and cake in every corner. The worst part….they cut the cake and handed a piece to the nearest person and we passed it down. I handled, smelled, and passed over 10 pieces of chocolate cake = WIN!Β  Many tried to get me to eat a tiny piece and I stuck to my guns. Still, no headache.

Then, I got a brilliant idea that I should call my gal pal and road trip tomorrow to Flagstaff – one night to got to my FAVE soap company to stock up on soap, lip balm, room spray, lotions, etc. I am not a last minute planner – I have never left town with only 18 hours to plan and leave. It felt amazing to say, “to hell with chores, I want adventure!”. And no headache πŸ™‚

After work, I grabbed a Lara bar and swig of coconut milk before hitting the gym. My trainer and I were surprised at how well I did, Last week was a ‘shit show’ at the gym. Tonight, at the end I was pretty nauseated and tired, but it felt GOOD.

I got in my car (and instead of going home and eating like a good girl) I got a burst of energy. I ignored the dust storm and ran errands.

With the upcoming road trip I had some serious planning to do for snacks and meals. I have fresh batch of beef jerky in the dehydrator, got veggies and fruit, picked up some yummy drinks and I am set! I even looked online at dining options. Oh, and another first, I researched markets to get some yummy healthy food while I am there! I am bringing an empty cooler (why not pack the car to it’s gills?) to load with fresh organic finds.

I came home and the energy was amazing so I changed litter boxes, vacuumed, unloaded the dishwasher, and bathed one of the dogs. It is 10p and I should be sleeping, but I feel so alert. I made my sleepy time tea and will type this, read a little and hit the hay – tired or not! oh, with no headache all day πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I am hoping I have come around the curve of feeling crappy and daily headaches…fingers crossed! Whole 30 – I LOVE YOU!!