Day 8: Feeling pretty darn good. A very slight headache mid-day was gone in an hour or so. Breakfast was another avocado chocolate smoothie (I made two the day before, froze then thawed the second this morning). Lunch was Italian Wedding soup, cucumbers with vinegar and oil and berries. I did have some seeds today – felt fine after.

Dinner I was craving red meat. I made a delicious NY strip and sauteed some shrimp (we have a freezer full from our last Rocky Point trip) in garlic, ghee, and seasonings and my veggie was french cut green beans. I made plenty for at least 2 more meals – gotta plan ahead!

Day8dinnerEvery night I honestly try my damnedest to get to bed early. Last night I was reading in bed by 8p. Then the phone rang – it was a wonderful update on my troubled loved one. I did not mind staying up and hearing the great news. I definitely am feeling it this afternoon. I got home early and immediately started dinner and got the zoo cared for. It is 6:15p and I am on my bed finishing my daily blog…there is chance I will get to sleep early!! Getting up at 4 am is not easy.

I will read my new book for an hour and then LIGHTS OUT and phone ringer off.