Woke up refreshed and feeling pretty awesome! Rather than eggs, I went with an Avocado smoothie. Totally Whole30 ingredient approved – although they urge against ‘smoothies’. It kept me pretty satisfied through the morning. Had a cup of coffee with coconut milk.

I figured I would cut out nuts/seeds to see if my headaches had anything to do with that. All was good until around noon. The headache was not near the intensity as yesterday. It waxed and waned most of the day. Lunch was a remix of last night’s dinner – leftover salmon on a salad of baby kale, hard-boiled egg, cucumber, and black olives with a side of berries.

Tonight I left work full of energy, smiling ear to ear 🙂 I think I might be coming around the curve from feeling icky! Dinner tonight was another left-over remix. I took a large portobello mushroom and filled it with spaghetti squash, ground turkey and a tomato/olive tampenade. Yummy!

Day 7

I am proud that I have stuck through Week 1. It has not been easy to have the headaches and want to sleep ALL DAY LONG, but I see changes. Then, today I felt better, better than I have in a long time! Yesterday’s gym disaster was a real kick to the gut, but today has made me think, ‘hey, maybe I can do this for 30 days!”

The only bad thing today besides a milder headache – the news my hubby will not be home for another 10 days. He will spend his birthday away on work. It is his birthday and he selflessly bought me a beautiful dress for an upcoming event. A gorgeous Kate Spade red satin flare dress. The catch…stick to the Whole 30 for the whole 30. So, when it arrives I will try it on (hoping it is too big!) I will try it on, twirl around, then probably cry because he is not here to squeeze and kiss and thank. Good news – my loved one met with another dear loved one and it went great!

Tonight I will lay on my pillow and will think how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life.