So here we are, Day 6, almost 1 week down. I almost slept through the night…thanks to Mr. Chandler Bing puking at 12:30a. I fell back asleep much quicker than usual. I am supposed to get 9 hours of sleep…I am not even close. Wonder how this will impact my final results. Maybe that is why I get WICKED headaches. Today’s headache was the worst – it started dull and progressed into throbbing that made me close my eyes for a minute or I might have passed out. I made “bullet-proof” coffee (coffee with ghee – some use butter) thinking maybe the caffeine would help, NOPE!

I went to they gym – BAD IDEA! The littlest weight would send my headaches through the roof. I had to sit on a bench and collect myself. I was not going to give up…so on to the elliptical. That lasted 5 minutes and I was bored out of my mind. Next, the stair climbing hell machine…10 minutes and my heart rate soared to 170 and I was pouring sweat. Sweat was running into my eyes – that NEVER happens. I went to the locker room and sat. I contemplated throwing in the towel on this whole 30 hell. Is this clean-up-my-diet going to make my head throb for 30 days!?! I called my husband – we agreed to push through it and just accept I must have THAT MUCH CRAP in my system.

Thankfully, I came home to a clean house. I cared for my mini-zoo and made a delicious dinner. I seared wild caught sock-eye salmon in ghee, lemon, capers, and dill. Then threw together a salad dressing of fresh squeezed lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper to pour over my baby kale salad. Something that will never change is, the ‘my eyes are bigger than my stomach’ thing I got going on! I ate all my greens like a good girl, but only half the salmon. That will become lunch tomorrow – cold salmon over lettuce with my yummy dressing.

I am glad another day is done – I caved and took Advil a moment ago. Thank you all for your support and kind words!

Day 6 dinner