Day 5 did not bring the expected ‘want to kill everything’, but instead I want to crawl under my desk and nap. The dull headache is getting really old! I am loving the good sleep and the clarity I have (when I am not trying to keep my eyes open). Today, my appetite was voracious! Until I came home made a delicious soup – I took a few bites and was full.


After a very high stress day yesterday I am looking forward to hot mint tea and ‘Last Comic Standing’.

I apologize if I ramble at times. I am using this blog as an outlet for everything and anything I feel and experience for the next 30 days…or maybe longer! There will be posts about my Whole 30 journey as well as thoughts about other things in my life.

That being said, I want to thank my cousin Brent. I was in dyer need of help and he was the first person I knew would come through. Brent is more of an older brother to me. He protects me, is brutally honest with me, teases me, and is ALWAYS there for me. I don’t know anyone who could handle what life throws him with such grace and laughter. He has come to my rescue more times than I can remember. We can go months even years without talking, but the minute we talk it as though we have not missed a beat. Thank you Brent for helping my help my very loved family. The two of you are so important to me; I cannot imagine life without you two. And thank you for being strong when I cannot. xoxo