Spaghetti squash, ground turkey and olive/tomato sauce

Woke up foggy and sleepy. I was nervous to see my trainer – I knew it would be a mess trying to work out feeling like this. I ate an egg and some almonds and off I went. The training session went surprising well! After, I ran an errand and then had a massage. I am hoping the massage helps my body rid itself of these toxins a little quicker. I went to 3 grocery stores to find 2 options for grass fed beef – very disappointing. I made beef jerky – turned out amazing! I will never eat store bought again! I re-organized a closet, shampooed carpet, and cooked and I still have energy. I should be tired now (8:30p) since I have been up since 4a, but I am not. Guess I will watch another movie 🙂20140719_135446   20140719_14011320140719_19124720140719_191135