Today, I commit to make a change. To heal what ails me, not with pills, but with God’s greatest gift, FOOD!

Yesterday, I read a Facebook post that just clicked. Give your body 30 days of good, clean, whole food and watch the transformation. Skeptical still, I researched and read…and read more. It just makes sense. The body is a work of nature why cant one heal it with nature? I am not saying, ‘oh, you are having chest pain and your arm went numb, here, eat an apple. I know medicine, science, and technology is what led us to realize how food has both help and hind a person. I know that it takes drugs to cure and treat many illnesses. For me, at this point, I believe I have not ‘gone to far’ where food cannot bring me back the life I want. The life I deserve.

I have seen friends and family drink to make pain go away, swallow countless pills in hopes to numb/forget/avoid life, people find the ‘miracle’ weight loss supplement. I also saw these same people lose friends and family, never address the reason WHY they eat/drink/medicate, and in the end be in worse condition then before.

I am taking the next 30 days to feed my body the nourishment it needs to flourish, not just survive, but heal and grow. I am taking the next 30 days to learn why I abused my body. I am taking the next 30 days to hold my self accountable for all I say, do, and EAT!